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In wake of the recent black lives matter movement and particularly in remembrance of Sandra Bland’s life, Dev Hynes the British musician under the recording name of Blood Orange has released the song – Sandra’s Smile as an ode to all victims of police brutality in the United States. Sandra Bland was a black lives matter activist, she was a representative for an important movement in trying to protect the lives of black Americans, and promote freedom and justice for black lives in a society of institutionalised racism.

The lyrics to Sandra’s Smile also reference the mother of Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton.

On Sandra Bland, Dev says.

“I had a somewhat delayed depression upon Sandra’s death. I was hurt and upset and mad instantly, of course… but I think a part of me had my eyes closed, as a form of numbness…a few days later it hit me and I was inconsolable.”

The music video for Sandra’s Smile is available to watch here below, and download on itunes



música/TUMBALONG Bon Chat, Bon Rat (AUS), Electric Wire Hustle (NZ), Ghostpoet (UK), LUNICE (CAN), Mitzi (AUS), SBTRKT (UK), Simon Caldwell (AUS), Tiger & Woods (ITA)

SBTRKT has returned after another period of silence with a snippet of a new track – Flicker. If you were a fan of SBTRKT during the “Wildfire” and “Right Thing to Do” era you will have noticed the producer’s dramatic change in sound. This track in contrast to his upbeat dancy anthems of 2011 features simple instrumentals with a dark gloomy feel, a perfect electronic chill out anthem.


PC_Music_logoPC Music is a very aquired taste. Like marmite you will either love it or you hate it (or like me it might grow on you over time).

It is a fairly new record label and music collective that is available to listen to for free on soundcloud. I would describe the sounds of PC Music as almost like a blast from the past, think childhood theme songs and television adverts for wacky toys, it feels silly but that’s what I love about it. The artists within the collective such as Hannah Diamond and Danny L Harle create a futuristic sound, it has been described as “the future of pop”, however is very different in its make up. An internet only creation with a obsession for all things pink and pop and with a Windows 1999 Aesthetic. It is the sound of happy hardcore, rapid beats and girly vocals with a childish feeling that may leave you laughing at the end of a song.

XOYO club in London Is hosting its first PC Music event night on Wednesday 18th November. If you are in to PC music then this is a night you would not want to miss, I will be there!

You can check out the collective here, their most popular tracks will be features at the top of the stream

If you love it… or hate it, let me know what you think!