M.I.A’s release of ‘Borders’ that surfaced last week has been accompanied by a politically charged video that follows her on a journey with refugees.

The British artist Maya who has Sri Lankan roots shows immensely how she is one of the only artists able to merge pop culture with important global issues. This powerful video is saying in this song what really needs to be said in reference to the refugee crisis. “We are are solid and we don’t need to kick them” is a stand out line that is repeated in the song, it’s a comment on our position as a country and the viewpoint that the refugees may be threatening us, when they are the ones who need help .The lyrics too highlight and question the western world’s privilege and power and criticise goverment’s failure to act. Noticeably at one point in the video she stands in solitude with Paris wearing a Paris Saint-Germain soccer jersey with the “Fly Emirates” logo replaced by “Fly Pirates.”

She posted this tweet in reference to the video.

Weirdly enough, the video has been taken off M.I.A’s Youtube channel…


What do you think of the video?


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