We all like to have a space where we feel like we belong. But the truth is, some people do not have that space.

When we think about our Utopian nightclub space, it does not involve the harassment, prejudice, resistance, racism and homophobia that come with most nightclub venues. Most women at some point have experienced some sort of harassment or unwanted attention in a nightclub environment. Increasingly, there have been attempts to tackle this behaviour with Zero Tolerance Policies and posters to encourage women to report any harassment in clubs.

So how do we create the perfect nightclub event? Is it even possible?

Siren DJ’s are the group of women pushing for forward thinking movements in dance music. The all-female collective have been hailed “The girl crew partying for a better world” after tackling the clubbing scene head on with a no-nonsense approach to the industry induced misogyny; aiming to create comfortable and safe nightclub spaces for women.

“No bullshit, just dancing!” is their slogan. The group are working together to put on nights promoting female producers and DJs who are largely underrepresented in the male dominated scene. They are confronting the gender discrimination, sexual objectification and treatment of WOC in the dance music scene, with the aim of creating female and LGBTQ dominated spaces. Siren’s nights are sure to be booming with great techno music, showcased by talented female DJ’s from across Europe and The UK and of all ages and backgrounds.

SIREN’S event descriptions are proudly branded “SIREN is a queer femme space and will be run on the principles of our safer spaces policy”. I recently attended the last of the SIREN parties this year with two of course female techno DJs – Dr. Rubinstein from Berlin and Ex Machina a London based artist.


We rolled up to Rye Wax in Peckham at about 11:30, just as the venue started filling up. Rye Wax is a quirky little venue within Bussey Building in Peckham that doubles as a record store. With sofas and seats the venue is extremely warm and welcoming, which was perfect for what Siren are trying to create in the night. There was no pressure, and with the price of drinks being reasonably priced… for London, the night had started off well.

The atmosphere was great, the music was pulsating throughout the room; heavy techno beats that excited the crowd. The night was in full swing at about 1am; the club was full and everyone was dancing freely; girls of every colour, shape and size, shaved heads and large hoops and a handful of guys too. It did feel different to a normal club night; there was no tension in the air and it felt like you were surrounded by real, wholesome people who genuinely just wanted the best clubbing experience they could have.

Ex Machina’s set similar to the film of the same name was a heavy experience! She got the night off to an intense start with a memorable set of dark industrial techno; repetitive thuds that are hard to find in London’s dance music scene. If you wanted the feeling of clubbing in Berlin but without leaving the comfort of the capital, then this was the night for you. Dr Rubinstein continued with some fierce and dynamic techno sounds which later transformed into the acid-style techno typical of her style in sets.

The night was fun, the girls were cool and friendly and the atmosphere was comfortable and free. SIREN pulled out a “No Bullshit, Just Dancing!” dancing event for sure, and I would recommend anyone to attend one of their parties; you won’t regret it!