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I’ve featured a number of posts on PC Music, however this release slipped under my radar! Danny L Harle has released a music video for the amazing ‘Broken Flowers’ that is slightly different to the original version… which seems to have completely disappeared.

An unlikely collaboration sees Bassline Producer DJ Q remixing the PC Music track, which Danny L Harle evidently took to as it’s up on his own YouTube channel. It created something pretty wonderful. Check it out below, I’d say its the better alternative!


four tet

Four Tet has been very generous this January, having given us the brilliant track ‘Calm Down’ in together with Katy B and Floating Points in December and having just returned from a tour in Australia he has blessed us once more with two tracks in collaboration with Australian producer Designer and UK bass producer Champion.

A release on YouTube channel Aliasizm last March enticed us with a different version of ‘Disparate’ captioning the track as forthcoming on Text Records. This new release is the produce of a familiar partnership, Champion and Four Tet have teamed up before with a remix of ‘Kool Fm‘. ‘Disparate’ is a avante garde electronic track with tribal undertones that flows coolly in and out of many  layers from rumbling drums to a sweet sounding vocals that is reminiscent of singer Grimes.

‘Mothers’ sees Four Tet and Designer pair up to create a more upbeat track with abrupt vocals that continue to interrupt the hypnotising beat as it builds dramatically into a feel good track with plenty of claps and drums in its nearly 9 minutes of length to dance along to.

Both Text Record releases will be available to buy on 12 inch and will be “available in all good record shops soon.”


M.I.A’s release of ‘Borders’ that surfaced last week has been accompanied by a politically charged video that follows her on a journey with refugees.

The British artist Maya who has Sri Lankan roots shows immensely how she is one of the only artists able to merge pop culture with important global issues. This powerful video is saying in this song what really needs to be said in reference to the refugee crisis. “We are are solid and we don’t need to kick them” is a stand out line that is repeated in the song, it’s a comment on our position as a country and the viewpoint that the refugees may be threatening us, when they are the ones who need help .The lyrics too highlight and question the western world’s privilege and power and criticise goverment’s failure to act. Noticeably at one point in the video she stands in solitude with Paris wearing a Paris Saint-Germain soccer jersey with the “Fly Emirates” logo replaced by “Fly Pirates.”

She posted this tweet in reference to the video.

Weirdly enough, the video has been taken off M.I.A’s Youtube channel…


What do you think of the video?


copyright © plasticosydecibelios
copyright © plasticosydecibelios

If you can remember and were a fan of Santigold’s – Santigold album which featured the iconic tracks such as “L.E.S. Artistes” and “Creator” then you will be excited to hear the news of Santigold’s return. She has returned to the music world after sharing a track “Cant Get Enough of Myself” from her new album titled ’99 cents’ which will be released in 2016.

The track is accompanied by a garish pink art-pop image of her glamorous self wrapped in plastic packaging surrounded by products. On consumer culture Santigold said of her album artwork “Everything is a product at this point, including people and relationships, and everything’s about marketing products. So, I’m a product. And also, everything is undervalued, so I thought 99 cents is a good price for me and my life and all my hard work.” Is she hinting at the idea that she feels she may be underrated as an artist?

Take a listen to the track, it’s an upbeat good feeling track of self love with infectious claps, whistles, high pitched vocals and a funky drum-line.

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copyright © highcloud
copyright © highcloud

In wake of the recent black lives matter movement and particularly in remembrance of Sandra Bland’s life, Dev Hynes the British musician under the recording name of Blood Orange has released the song – Sandra’s Smile as an ode to all victims of police brutality in the United States. Sandra Bland was a black lives matter activist, she was a representative for an important movement in trying to protect the lives of black Americans, and promote freedom and justice for black lives in a society of institutionalised racism.

The lyrics to Sandra’s Smile also reference the mother of Trayvon Martin, Sybrina Fulton.

On Sandra Bland, Dev says.

“I had a somewhat delayed depression upon Sandra’s death. I was hurt and upset and mad instantly, of course… but I think a part of me had my eyes closed, as a form of numbness…a few days later it hit me and I was inconsolable.”

The music video for Sandra’s Smile is available to watch here below, and download on itunes