broken flowers

I’ve featured a number of posts on PC Music, however this release slipped under my radar! Danny L Harle has released a music video for the amazing ‘Broken Flowers’ that is slightly different to the original version… which seems to have completely disappeared.

An unlikely collaboration sees Bassline Producer DJ Q remixing the PC Music track, which Danny L Harle evidently took to as it’s up on his own YouTube channel. It created something pretty wonderful. Check it out below, I’d say its the better alternative!



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XOYO hosted its first PC Music night last night and what a success it was. The atmosphere from the get go was incredible, smiling faces bouncing around as much in time as they could attempt to to the fast and disjointed electronic sounds of Danny L Harle and A.G Cook.

I along with my friend found ourselves giggling as soon as we entered room 1 of the club just at the ridiculousness of  the sounds of PC filling up such a commercial London club and at what was an almost out of this world experience that is hard to describe without mentioning the likeliness to a happy hardcore rave. Perhaps one of the most eccentric underground music scenes in London at the moment, yet we were all there for the same reason… there was a strange sense of unity you don’t often get from techno nights.

The Princess of PC  Hannah Diamond made and appearance as the special guest and heightened the atmosphere even more, promptly followed by Kane West who changed the tempo from the more extreme experimental sounds of PC that to a more bass filled dancey vibe. The crowd were in full swing and yellow foam letters were flying around the room.

Unlike many other music genres and the repetitive slump that can be easy to fall into, it was strange and refreshing to end the night on the same level we started with, we left on a high and with the feeling we had really experienced something!




PC_Music_logoPC Music is a very aquired taste. Like marmite you will either love it or you hate it (or like me it might grow on you over time).

It is a fairly new record label and music collective that is available to listen to for free on soundcloud. I would describe the sounds of PC Music as almost like a blast from the past, think childhood theme songs and television adverts for wacky toys, it feels silly but that’s what I love about it. The artists within the collective such as Hannah Diamond and Danny L Harle create a futuristic sound, it has been described as “the future of pop”, however is very different in its make up. An internet only creation with a obsession for all things pink and pop and with a Windows 1999 Aesthetic. It is the sound of happy hardcore, rapid beats and girly vocals with a childish feeling that may leave you laughing at the end of a song.

XOYO club in London Is hosting its first PC Music event night on Wednesday 18th November. If you are in to PC music then this is a night you would not want to miss, I will be there!

You can check out the collective here, their most popular tracks will be features at the top of the stream https://soundcloud.com/pcmus

If you love it… or hate it, let me know what you think!